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We Are In Hell is a fan community dedicated to the best love triangle on Lost: that among Jacob, Richard, and the Man in Black. As a fan community we accept all sorts of fan works here, from fan fiction to icons to fanmixes, vids, and whatever else strikes your creative fancy. We're also open to works that focus on any variation of the OT3, whether it be Richard/Jacob or Jacob/MIB or MIB/Richard or works in which they aren't together at all. Discussion of episodes and spoilers are also welcome as well as random unrelated to anything (but the OT3, natch) squeeing/rambling/dorkitude.

The only rules are that you be considerate: that you put adult content, large images (or a series of images, excluding sample icons), and spoilers behind a cut; and that you put adequate warnings on your work (for rape/non-con, dub-con, abuse, character death, or simply state that you are declining to warn).

Otherwise have fun, post often and enjoy the OT3ness!

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